The Anatomy of the Well Dressed Man

Anthony Andler, proprietor of Heimie’s Haberdashery is a well dressed man. Few would disagree. He has a unique style that supports his vocation, hobbies, passions and past times. It changes by the season, by the day and sometimes by the hour. It is his style. And it may not be for you. That is one of the immutable laws of Heimie’s. The anatomy of a well dressed man begins and ends with the man. Not with trends, or inventory or our personal tastes. The clothes that make the man, must make the man feel good, make him feel confident, make him at ease.

As haberdashers our calling is to help each of our customers define their personal style for work, for pleasure, hobbies, for travel and by season. To discover the styles, fabrics and colors you can wear with ease and with confidence. Whether its your first suit, an addition to a wardrobe, or casual wear, our goal is always to fit you in clothes that will bring out the best of you.