Anthony and guest on couch.

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The Haberdasher’s Couch

The Haberdasher’s Couch, a weekly show shot on location at Heimie’s Haberdashery, in our downtown St. Paul studio. This local entertainment and variety show, The Haberdasher’s Couch, showcases local businesses, comedians, actors, songwriters and talks style and fashion. The show is formatted as a salute to the old style vaudeville stage. Hosted by Heimie and Dorsett, and featuring Kendrick on the mic, The Haberdasher’s Couch entertains and informs. Each week we introduce new talent, restaurants, music, and fashion. So gather round your phone or computer, sit back and enjoy the show; “Because you deserve it”.

The Haberdasher’s Couch – “Where you don’t have to pay somebody to listen to ya…”

Heimies Haberdashery