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About Heimie’s Haberdashery

1921 – Heimie sets up shop in a warehouse district of St. Paul
1947 – Heimie opens first retail location off Seventh Street Lower town Ralph back from war
Ralph works along-side his father expanding its offering.
1974 – Ralph Andler Heimie’s son moves into new free-standing retail outlet selling and tailoring
Readymade clothing.
1976 – Anthony starts his long apprenticeship under his Grandfather.
2007 – Anthony R. Andler (great grandson) moves store back to its origins in Downtown St. Paul.
2010 – Heimie’s expands its retail and Manufacturing.
2016 – Heimie’s builds a new state of the art tailoring facility.
2018 – Future expansion of its new Life Style store.
2019 – 5,000 square foot expansion opens to the public September 27, 2019

Heimie’s Haberdashery specializes in tailored clothing. Each season we hand select our fabrics and design our own Heimie’s in-house collection of clothing coming out of our partnerships with tailor shops in Montreal and Italy. From our selection of Ready Made garments to our Made-to-Order and Made-to-Measure programs, we pride ourselves on traditional classic attire with permanence to style and fashion.

Lead wardrobe designers on staff have preselected fabrics, and silhouettes precut and tailor to create our In-House ready to wear product. It’s this one of a kind concepts that follows Heimie’s rich history of clothing Ladies’ and Gentlemen. Look through our wardrobes and pair our shirts and silk neckwear to fashion your individual look.

Heimie’s is a cornerstone of St. Paul’s retail. Its handsome shop reflects the attention to detail in both service and product of the real city of merchants. With tailored clothing, handmade leather luggage for business, travel and field Heimie’s is indeed the place to shop. Cigars, and hats, Barbershop, and full-service tailoring there is indeed something for every need and every man.

The Heimie’s Oath

  • On my honor, I will dress my best
  • Be clean in my speech and actions
  • Live my life honestly
  • Take care of my body for good build and fit
  • Help keep my community strong by supporting local merchants
  • Through the words and actions of my Haberdasher I will trust
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