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The best investment a gentleman can make is in himself, and nothing helps a gentleman feel more confident than a clean, classic cut and a close shave. Our barbershop and shave parlor specializes in the most exceptional traditional grooming services around.

Choose from our menu of cut and shave options to achieve your desired look and our master barbers will take it from there. You will walk out of our men’s sanctuary feeling rejuvenated and better than ever, ready to take on the world.

Remember… it’s not just a haircut, it’s an experience.

Hot Lather Shave – $40.00

The traditional hot lather, straight razor shave is a classic indulgence every gentleman should enjoy. The experience begins with a warm towel treatment followed by a luxurious hot lather. While the traditional straight razor is a novelty it is not recommended for all hair and skin types. Nicks and abrasions can occur. Please consult with your barber before service. 

Ultimate Cut – $35.00

At Heimie’s we believe a gentleman’s haircut should be a civilized affair. It’s a time to relax and experience the pure pleasure of a steamed towel treatment and shampoo scalp massage. Followed by a precise cut in the style of your choosing, ending of course with the perfect neck trim, suited for the perfect gentleman.

Gentleman’s Facial – $50.00

Urban life is tough on a man’s skin, but the Gentlemen’s Facial at Heimies restores what nature steals. It starts with a deep skin cleansing followed by a relaxing exfoliation and a restorative mask specific to your skin type. A gentle facial massage and hydration cream complete this refreshing treatment.

Beard Trim – $20.00

An expertly trimmed beard is the trademark of a distinguished gentleman. Crisp, clean lines along with consistent length yield an air of sophistication. The expert barbers at Heimies take great care in shaping and forming beards to complement facial contours. Trust us; we love well-groomed bearded men.

Neck Shave & Outline – $10.00

The crisp, clean line of the perfectly trimmed neckline says a lot about a gentleman’s concern for his appearance. At Heimie’s you can maintain that tailored look conveniently with drop-in touchups between cuts. We’ll give you the confidence in knowing you look your best from every angle.

Please note: The straight razor shave is not a double edge system. As with all shaves, nicks and abrasions can occur. The quality of the shave is dependent upon skin type and the coarseness of the whiskers.

**Please note: Our Barbershop is now open on a limited basis for haircuts by appointment only. Please reach out to us at 651-224-2354 during store hours to get on the schedule. Barbers and clients must wear a mask during haircut service. Thank you!**

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