Custom Clothing

Made-to-Measure, for Men & Women.

To anyone looking to build a unique and expressive statement of personality, fit for any occasion: our Made-to-Measure program is a fantastic option for you!

Heimie’s has maintained and advanced a century-spanning tradition of designing and making authentic custom clothing. With our reliable and highly trained team of professionals at your service, you can proceed with genuine confidence toward your desired aesthetic. As always, our gratitude for your business and friendship inspires the work we do.

A consultation with one of our haberdashers will entail a thorough set of measurements, based on your anatomy and garment profiles that best complement you. This detailed system empowers the tailors to efficiently provide you with the perfect fit. From there, we guide you through the myriad options for personalization available to you, including a whole library of fabrics from mills found around the world- to name a few, Holland and Sherry, Loro Piana, Dormeuil, and several additional collections through Luigi Bianchi Mantova. In a matter of weeks, your new look will be ready for you to enjoy.

Our hundred-year tradition in custom menswear has expanded to accommodate ladies as well. Top-quality suits, vests, shirts, sport coats and trousers for any body type are accessible through our Made-to -Measure program. Set an appointment at your convenience, to fully experience what Heimie’s has to offer! Call Now: 651-224-2354

The secret to great style is to feel good in what you’re wearing.

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