Fashion trends may come and go, but a fine suit never goes out of style. Our experienced haberdashers partner with you to create an ensemble with impeccable style and fit, whether it’s from our Ready-made program or wholly customized in our design department we partner with you to create your own personal look.

At Heimie’s Haberdashery, we pride ourselves on providing service that is second to none, getting to know each and every customer, their likes, dislikes, hobbies, and profession. It’s only then that we begin the process of personally selecting the best fabrics and styles that match the person for each occasion, season by season. Each haberdasher is trained to determine which style of the garment will fit the customers’ demands. Once that has been determined our haberdashers measure and define the tailoring services that will ensure your suit fits your frame and personal style, flawlessly.


Our In-House Style is a perfect place to begin to explore shopping for the new ideas for your wardrobe. With a large selection of Suits and sportscoats. Heimie’s designers have refined our In-House Style over the years keeping with a tradition of the classic fabrics and silhouettes. Heimie’s produces garments with a refined look for style and performance. Our in-house tailors will then tailor fit and finish your garments to reflect our attention to every detail.


This program is for the Lady and Gentleman that finds a great base in our Ready-to-Wear program but desires personalized tailoring. We start with a consultation in which we determine your style and needs, then we design a garment for your desired qualities and fit. This program gives the customer the ability to create and choose their style. Choose from hundreds of fabrics, liners, and buttons. Monogramming and stitching to personalize your garment. Your wardrobe designer will take a system of measure from your frame to then make a pattern to cut and make the garment specifically to fit you. We further detail the tailoring in-house for refinement and fit.


For the Gentlemen with an eye for custom fashion, we offer a Made-to-Measure option, giving you control over your look from head to toe. Made-to-Measure involves a detailed system of measurements that take the subtle nuances of your physique into account. We build your garments with you. You get to choose from a spectrum of fabrics and liners to create custom clothing with the fashion and fit that reflects your personal style. The Gentlemen will discover the luxury of making a suit of clothes from our tailor shop out of Italy.

People will stare. Make it worth their while.
Heimies Haberdashery