The Heimie's Heritage

We pride ourselves on traditional classic attire with permanence to style and fashion.

Humble Beginnings

Established in 1947, Heimie's began its journey in a quaint warehouse district before evolving into a cornerstone of tailored elegance. From its humble origins, spanning generations of craftsmanship and dedication, Heimie's has grown into a renowned destination for discerning gentlemen and ladies alike.

Rooted in Tradition

Our curated selection of ready-made garments and exclusive in-house collections, such as our hand-made leather bags, reflect a commitment to timeless style, tradition, history, and unparalleled quality.

Only The Best Quality

With bespoke tailoring services, handpicked fabrics from Montreal and Italy, and an array of accessories including handmade leather goods and fine cigars, Heimie's offers a comprehensive sartorial experience unlike any other. Step into our distinguished establishment, where tradition meets modernity, and indulge in the artistry of classic attire tailored to perfection.