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Heimie’s Haberdashery carries an impressive variety of cigars in our humidor. There is the right cigar for the discerning individual. The joy of finding that perfect cigar is part of the journey. We invite you to come in and enjoy a cigar out front of our store under the awning and take in an hour of relaxation.

Cigar Anatomy:

  • A filler is the core of the cigar and is made up of long leaf tobacco that runs the length of the cigar.
  • Binder is the first layer covering the filler affecting both taste and burn time.
  • Wrapper accounts for 60% of the cigar’s taste. It is the outer leaf and provides the aesthetics of the cigar.
  • The cigar’s girth is referred to as ring size. A smaller cigar falls into the 38 – 42 ring size, a mid size cigar, 42 – 50 and a large cigar has a ring size of 52 and up.

Cigar Advice:

A cigar should only be lit with matches, a stick, or a gas fueled lighter. Liquid fuels alter the flavor of the cigar, so your Bic or Zippo should not be used to light your cigar. When lighting make sure to first blow through the cigar into the flame to expel unwanted gasses or fumes and then begin to draw through the cigar in puffs while rotating it. The act of rotating the cigar during the lighting process allows for an even light and even smoke.

A smaller cigar will burn very hot and quickly with a sharper flavor. A larger cigar will burn cooler and will have a more mild flavor. Other variables such as wrap and tightness that will also affect the flavor.

Cigars are best kept in a cedar wood lined humidor as they need to be stored at a relative humidity of about 68 to 72 degrees to preserve optimum flavor and smoking pleasure.

A cigar is as good as memories that you have when you smoked it.

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