Zippered Gun Case


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This well made leather and canvas zippered gun case is the perfect protection for your firearm. It has a plush wool shearling interior and a heavy brass zipper closure. This item is made-to-order only at this time. This item is made-to-order. Please allow 7-10 days for delivery.

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Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 52 in
Leather Color

Canvas Color

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2 thoughts on “Zippered Gun Case

  1. I really love this case! The leather is heavy duty, yet supple, the fabric is tough and the lining is soft, yet thick, making it ideal for the overall protection of a valued shotgun. In addition, the handles are wide, with a bigger loop for easy carrying. I am also a huge fan of the full zippered case, with the ability to air it out as needed. I have not used the shoulder strap yet, but it is also built to last with heavy duty hardware and leather.

    As for the length, at 52” it might be a bit long for your average hunting gun, but works great for 30″ and 32″ trap and sporting clay O/U or side by sides. I prefer it had a loop on the end for easy hanging, but will make due.

    I value my shotgun investments as much as anything, so having a versatile case to protect my investments is priceless! Thank you for making a great case!

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