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Our Soul Patch Classic Trout packs have within them a nice assortment of attractive lures for the fly fisher. Each pack contains these classics:
1-Parachute Adams #16
1-Zebra Midge #18
1-BH Brassie #18
1-Pheasant Tail Nymph #16
1-Gold Ribbed Hares Ear #16
1-Griffiths Gnat Peacock #16
1-BH Copper John #16
1-Parachute PMD #16
1-BH Soft Hackle Hares Ears #16
1-Renegade #16
1-Elk Hair Caddis #14
1-Royal Wulff #16

12 total to give you a variety of flies to fish with. We are proud to present to you this great selection of fine hand tied flies.

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