Boys of the Brule by Ross Fruen


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A really great read on SALE. A Love story about a river and the people who have frequented it: from Paleo Indians to Ojibwe, European explorers and fur traders,, lumbermen, settlers, presidents and sportsmen. Throughout the epochs the river has been a highway, a source of sustenance, a target for those who stripped it of recreation and relaxation. Boys of the Brule chronicles a family’s seven-generation home on the revered trout stream and rituals and activities of a group of friends who gathered there every year from boyhood to senior citizenship. The Brule River Valley resonates with history and Tradition, cradling the waters as they flow ceaselessly to the great inland sea. Ross Fruen has intricately woven the proud tradition of Native American culture in northern Wisconsin with the historic beginnings of the first European settlers. Sharing the magic and stories compiled from decades of annual gatherings on the river with close band of friends, Boys of the Brule offers a glimpse of the beauty and companionship of the Brule River Valley.