Hats / Accessories

Match your hat to your overcoat or suit. In some cases, a contrasting tone may work, such as a navy blue suit with a gray hat. The brims on most fedoras are shapeable. One should wear the style they are most comfortable.

Feathers found in hat bands are removable. A hat without a feather is just as good as one with. Feathers or not, it’s up to you. The hat band is a lovely part of the hat to match with another part of your garment, like your belt or shoes. On some hats, the band is interchangeable.

Brims fall into three categories: stingy (short), average, and wide (broad). Ask your haberdasher which brim would be best for you.

Hat Types:

  • Fedora
  • Bowler or Derby
  • Cloth caps – driving cap, eight panel, big apple, or golf cap
  • Straw or Panama
  • Homburg
Style is not standing out, but being remembered
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