Gentleman: The Time Has Come to Accessorize

You coordinate your ties, belts, and socks without giving it a second thought. What about your accessories?

Yes, your accessories. Gentleman, the time has come to embrace the idea that it’s okay to have numerous handbags and brief cases that you can coordinate with the rest of your wardrobe. The days of carrying around a beat up eyesore of a bag are over (and it’s about time).

Accessorize With a Purpose

Treat yourself to a functional bag for your Alaskan fishing getaway or indulge in a new handbag for your upcoming presentation. The old adage that “if you look good, you feel good” is true, and it applies to your accessories as well. The right accessory can make a big difference in your attitude.

Small Details Make a Big Difference

If you’ve been neglecting your accessories, you’re far from alone. Men have a tendency to ignore details like shoes and handbags, but the details can make all the difference. Heimie’s believes there’s a statement to be made in every situation, such as having the right utility backpack for your eco-friendly commute into the office.

Roll top backpacks are simple, light weight, and perfect for commuting on your bicycle. Once you make it into the office you can trade your roll top for a luxurious leather briefcase, throw on a dapper tie and seize the day!

It’s Time to Leave Your Old Bag Behind

Your 200 lb. oversized luggage bag has treated you well over the years, but it’s time to move on to accessories more appropriate for their surroundings. After all, you wouldn’t wear a baseball cap into the boardroom would you?